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Reacher star Alan Ritchson SCATHING takedown of Trump is the best thing we've read all day

Reacher star Alan Ritchson SCATHING takedown of Trump is the best thing we've read all day

Reacher star Alan Ritchson criticized former President Donald Trump
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The hunky action-TV star tore down Donald Trump and the Catholic Church in one go!

Reacher star Alan Ritchson has been through many struggles in his life, but one thing he isn't struggling with is finding the words to take down Donald Trump and the Catholic Church!

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the hunky father of three opened up about his struggles with mental health and how his devotion to his faith has led him to be critical of the former president.

In the past, he worried that his outspokenness about his Christian beliefs would cause a stir in Hollywood, but he ultimately did it anyway. "I'm a Christian quite simply because of what Jesus calls us to do," he said. "Love other people until death. It doesn't mean we're all to be hung on a cross, but how can I suffer for you? That is a beautiful thing."

However, the 41-year-old actor said that this message of love is being corrupted by politics, especially by Trump. "Christians today have become the most vitriolic tribe," he explained. "It is so antithetical to what Jesus was calling us to be and to do."

Then, much like his Reacher character, Ritchson went no-holds-barred on the MAGA demagogue who many Christians have sadly aligned themselves with, "Trump is a rapist and a con man, and yet the entire Christian church seems to be treat him like he's their poster child and it's unreal. I don't understand it."

Next, despite being a religious man, Ritchson went after the Catholic Church for its history of systemic abuse. "It's worth saying that the atrocities that are happening in the church that are being actively covered up, even to this day with people not being held accountable, is repulsive," he said. "I can't for one second support the Catholic Church while there are still cardinals, bishops and priests being passed around with known pedophilic tendencies."

Now, if only there were fewer Evangelical Christian conservatives who blindly support Trump and more faith-driven people like Ritchson, we'd probably be looking at a much better political landscape.

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