Artist Spotlight: Timothy Cummings

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Timothy Cummings was graced with knowing what his direction would be from an early age, and parents who sported his artistic endeavors. Their support included acceptance of his dressing in girl's clothing and playing with dolls. He tried to drop out of High School in Albuquerque where he grew up, only to be lured back with a scholarship to art school. His art school education lasted for 12 days.

Cummings is an autodidact, having spent hours in the library studying the techniques and works of earlier artists. He moved to San Francisco to continue his craft and became involved with a group of artists who set up their own exhibitions to promote their work.

Cummings' work is more polished now and the details of his paintings are exquisite. He is a successful artist that shows nationally. He has a fascination with period detail and costumes. His children have 5 o'clock shadows and his adults have doll's bodies. Both seem to have wounds of experience and dark knowledge.

For more about Cummings, see his web site.

Sources: Annie Tucker, “The Art of Timothy Cummings,” Juxtapoz, September/October 1999


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