ER actress discusses character’s lesbianism

Laura Innes, who plays the private and conflicted Dr. Kerry Weaver on ER, reveals in an interview with that her character’s attraction to another woman “is very strong.” The character of Dr. Weaver has had a protracted struggle with sexual identity issues, so this development provides a welcome sense of resolution for the show’s many fans. Innes explains, “The coming-out process for somebody Dr. Weaver’s age is incredibly slow. There’s enthusiasm, a sort of adolescent excitement, and then self-recrimination and pulling back.” The actress further elaborates, “My gut feeling is that she’s trying really hard not to be gay. She puts all this energy into pushing these feelings down and turning them into something else. But she just keeps coming back to it.” The object of Dr. Weaver’s affection will be returning for end-of-the-season episodes, and Innes promises, “There’s gonna be some good stuff between us.”

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