Melissa Etheridge
working on her ABC sitcom

Melissa Etheridge
says she's working on a sitcom. The show, still in
development with ABC, is about "what my life might have been
like had I not left to find my fame and fortune and
stayed in Kansas and became a teacher and been gay and
dealt with life there," Etheridge told Time magazine.

The two-time
Grammy winner says she doesn't want to rely on touring to
make a living and that a television show would allow her to
"be home for dinner." Etheridge, who for much of last
year was fighting breast cancer, is releasing a
greatest hits album and DVD this week. Etheridge won a
1992 Grammy for best female rock vocal performance for
"Ain't It Heavy" and a 1994 Grammy in the same
category for "Come to My Window." (AP)

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