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Hot Sheet: Super Duper Star Zack

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6. BOOKS: What I Love About Being Queer
Vivek Shraya, a Toronto-based artist, offers up a delightful new book What I Love About Being Queer, which began as a short film project, turned into a Tumblr site, and is now a glossy-magazine-meets-coffee-table-book. It features 34 queers (including Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara fame) tackling the complicated question of its title. There are over 100 answers — which range from smart to witty to heartfelt, to outrageous and are printed in the subject’s original handwriting — along with essays from Farzana Doctor (Six Metres of Pavement), Elisha Lim (100 Butches), and George Brown College professors Kathryn Payne and Marilyn McLean. Among the faves comes from Canadian Pandora Roxstar: “What I love about being queer is that the secret world in me, that I have been dreaming about since I can  remember, is real. Like I can walk out of my closet and into Narnia any time I want.” WhatILoveAboutBeingQueer.tumblr.com


5. MUSIC: Behind the Candelabra — Music from the HBO Original Film
Yes, Liberace was about fancy cars, gigantic mansions, and flashy bling. But often forgotten was the music behind the persona. So, after you see the HBO docudrama starring Michael Douglas as the closeted pianist and Matt Damon as his controversial boyfriend (airing May 26), check out the soundtrack. Behind the CandelabraMusic from the HBO Original Film features songs by the man himself as well as Douglas. Out Tuesday.


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