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Hot Sheet: Sex Tips

Hot Sheet: Sex Tips


The top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week -- from sex tips for Girls to the teen struggles of Cal. Then there's Ethel Merman.


10. BOOKS: Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight? Confessions of a Gay Dad
If you didn't already admire gay writer and actor Dan Bucatinsky for his all-out performance on the hit drama Scandal, his hilarious series Web Therapy, or his great fashion sense, we have another reason: his book on being a gay dad, Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight? The audio book, as you can imagine, just adds another dimension to the hilarity. Now available on Michelle Garcia

9. THEATER: Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man
The sexpertise of gay men is front and center in this new and interactive play, which just opened off-Broadway. It's based on the best-selling book by Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman. This adaptation by Matt Murphy has Anderson (Jason Michael Snow), appearing onstage at a university, where interviewer Robyn (Lindsay Nicole Chambers) tries to keep things cool and academic, but the situation becomes increasingly hot because of Anderson's advice and the presence of hunky stage assistant Stefan (Andrew Brewer). Performances are scheduled through June 5 at the 777 Theatre in New York City; for tonight's 10'o clock show, couples (same-sex or opposite) willing to admit onstage that they haven't had sex in six months can get in free. Just line up at the box office beginning at 9 and tell the attendant of your deprivation. Couples must be age 25 or older. For more info on the show, go to -- Trudy Ring


8. MUSIC: Mariah Carey, "You're Mine"
Mimi's new video is either classic Mariah or tired retread, depending on how big a Lamb you are. The song, "You're Mine (Eternal)", is sweet but generic, sounding like an Alicia Keys B-side. It's really the video that's frozen in amber; just because Mariah still looks amazing doesn't mean she can get away with a video that has her simply sitting around nude in front of a wind machine. Anyway, the song is the third single off Carey's latest and constantly delayed album, The Art of Letting Go, now slated for a May release. -- Neal Broverman


7. EVENT: HackOut
Think you have what it takes to create the next great tech innovation? This weekend in Austin, LGBT entrepreneurs group StartOut hosts HackOut, the first queer-specific hackathon. The event challenges coders, programmers, and designers to produce a new demo within two days. Participants have access to mentors from digital giants like Facebook and IBM, and any viable business idea is fair game for entry. The first place winner receives a cash prize of $2,500 and consulting awards, and other prizes include credits from Rackspace and Google. May the best geeks win! Tickets and more information available here. -- Patrick Yacco

6. BOOKS: Ethel Merman, Mother Teresa ... and Me by Tony Cointreau
Ethel Merman is undoubtedly one of the most captivating divas of all time. Cointreau, heir of the famous French liqueur maker, found his way to the stage and then Calcutta. But eventually Ethel Merman became his mentor, along with international beauty Lee Lehman. Cointreau's book chronicles his experiences and relationships with the women. -- Michelle Garcia

5. THEATER: R+J Equal Love
Los Angeles's Inner Circle Theatre presents a world premiere production that gives a contemporary twist to Shakespeare's classic love story: Romeo and Juliet are played by a male couple in one act, a female couple in another. "The motive of this project is to remind us of the greater need to accept our responsibility for many who are suffering" the consequences of homophobia, says director Casey Kringen. "As human beings, we share an ultimate responsibility to accept -- and better yet, to provide for each other: True. Equal. Love." The show opens tonight and will be performed this weekend and next at the Well in downtown L.A. Order tickets here.


4. MUSIC: Girls Vol. 2 Soundtrack
The second compilation of songs from the groundbreaking HBO comedy-drama about four young women and a gay ex-boyfriend striving in New York City is as wonderful and idiosyncratic as the show it's culled from. Quality acts like Vampire Weekend, Jenny Lewis, Lily Allen, Beck, Aimee Mann, and Cat Power are included in the 15-song set. Out now. Listen to Christina Perri's contribution below. -- Neal Broverman


3. EVENT: #17StatesInLove Pop Up Shop
Some of you may be sporting a ring (or at least an intent to get married) after this Valentine's Day. If you're in Los Angeles Saturday and you're thinking of going the bow tie route on the big day, check out Jesse Tyler Ferguson's line, Tie The Knot, which will be up for grabs at a pop-up shop at the Beverly Center in L.A. -- Michelle Garcia


2. DVD: Cal
Directed by Christian Martin (Release), Cal is a sequel to his 2009 film Shank, which centers around a closeted teen trapped in a gang. After traveling in Europe, young protagonist Cal (Wayne Virgo) returns to his family in Bristol to discover the town in chaos. His mother is ill in the hospital, his aunt has become a lecherous drunk, and the economy has been ravaged by the global recession, making work nearly impossible to find. An attraction to another man complicates matters, as it throws him into the midst of a hostile world of drugs and prostitution. Beautifully shot and acted, Cal is a moving film about a hard kind of homecoming. It's released February 28 on DVD. Watch the trailer below. -- Daniel Reynolds


1. TV: House of Cards, Season 2
At long last, Netflix's breakthrough and award-winning series House of Cards returns for its second season, which features cameos from real-life reporters including Rachel Maddow. The 13-episode arc about scheming and corruption in the nation's capital follows Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), who is now vice president, as well as his wife, played by the fierce Robin Wright. While Underwood plots in areas such as government shutdowns and cyber-espionage, cub reporter Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) resumes her investigation into the death of congressman Peter Russo, in which Underwood had a hand last season. Binge-watching is encouraged, as the entire season 2 is released today. Watch the trailer below. -- Daniel Reynolds

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