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10. WEB: From Here on Out
If you need something new to be internet-obsessed over, you might want to check out Here TV's new series, From Here On Out (yes, this is from our parent company, and no, I'm not getting paid extra to write about this). The network's first sitcom zeroes in on aging gay writer Jimmy Richards (Terry Ray), who sells his show Guy Dubai: International Gay Spy to Here TV's 18-year-old president (Austin Robert Miller). Told that he must hire an openly gay leading man, Jimmy casts the gorgeous Sam Decker (T.J. Hoban) — even though Sam's secretly straight. The trailer's out now, and the show is set to premiere on Here TV's YouTube Premium channel next Friday and then everywhere March 28. — Michelle Garcia

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9. WEB: Old Black Dyke
Musician and activist Gaye Adegbalola offers entertainment along with motivation in her Old Black Dyke stage show, which will premiere in livestream on Monday at 9 p.m. Eastern. “This show will remove all the negativity that ‘old’ carries, that ‘black’ carries, that ‘dyke’ carries,” says noted blues singer Adegbalola, adding that viewers “will see that this Old Black Dyke has done a lot of living and is ready to share her secrets for ‘wallowing in the wisdom of old age, while staying young at heart.’” She’ll be joined by her band, the Wild Rutz, plus health expert Gloria Jackson. There are plans for the show to air every fourth Monday. Watch a preview below. — Trudy Ring


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