Miley Cyrus Confesses Her Love for London's Gays

Miley Cyrus Confesses Her Love for London's Gays

Miley Cyrus loves the way her gay fans in London make her feel.

"I just feel like when I go to Europe, I feel very free with my fan base," she told Bang Showbiz, saying London is her favorite place to perform "because I have never seen more gay people in my whole life."

It was in London that she gave a headline-making raucous performance at club G-A-Y a couple years back. And her sister, Noah, was sporting a British cell phone case in a November tweet. The atmosphere is different there, Miley Cyrus says, than her home in the United States.

"I feel like they are so much more open, much more than here in the U.S. where they're feeling trapped," Miley Cyrus told Bang Showbiz, "where it's like, 'Can I even say I believe in gay marriage? Can I say that my favorite fans are my gay fans?' Am I allowed to say that, because half of America is still against it?"

Miley Cyrus is an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights, even donning a pro-equality tattoo on her finger that got her hate mail from antigay Christians.

Miley Cyrus fans can check out her newest video from the "Backyard Sessions" below. In it, Miley Cyrus covers "Jolene" and still has her longer locks, before her new short cut that had Ellen DeGeneres's admiration.

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