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Michelle Clunie and Bryan Singer Welcome Newborn Son

Michelle Clunie and Bryan Singer Welcome Newborn Son

Actress Michelle Clunie gave birth Tuesday morning to the son of her best friend, out director Bryan Singer.

Clunie and Singer announced the pregnancy in October in The Hollywood Reporter. They had gone through two years of pregnancy attempts. They named the child Dashiell Julius William Clunie-Singer.

In December, Clunie posted a statement to Facebook, clarifying that she was not a surrogate for Singer, as many news outlets had initially reported.

"You cannot be a surrogate to your own baby," she said. "I am pregnant with  my very own baby which I will raise, a baby I created with Bryan Singer. I think people have never seen a gay man have a baby without the use of a surrogate, so I understand the confusion. I know our situation is different and might be the first of it’s kind in public but some day many women will wake up and see how much happiness is waiting them when they decide to co-parent with their dear friend they love."

Clunie, 44, is known for her work on Queer as Folk and Make It or Break It, among several other TV shows and movies. Singer is a director and producer, known for his work in the X-Men films, Superman Returns, and The Usual Suspects. In 2014, Singer became embroiled in a legal battle, in which he was accused of sexual abuse. The lawsuit, however, was recently dropped. 

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