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Hair Apparent

Hair Apparent

Did you receive other reality TV offers? Were you choosy? Oh, yes. I’m always offered Dancing With the Stars. The list goes on. Dancing With the Stars -- you know, I love that show. I started my career as a dancer. And it’s something that, well, when you’ve really been at the top of your game and it’s something you go back to, perhaps your kicks aren’t there, or your turnouts aren’t. I mean, I was truly a dancer from the beginning, and that’s so much a part of me, and I don’t think I would want to do that show and not be my very best. And it also takes a great deal of time and commitment. I travel with my other work. I have Jaclyn Smith Home and clothing at K-Mart, and I visit my mom a great deal. You really need to devote full time to that. But the bottom line with Dancing With the Stars is that you always want to do what your body has done, and I don’t know if I can do that type of dancing today. But the list is out there if you want to do reality TV. I like what Bravo does because it’s truly about the talent. I don’t find it sensationalized. It’s about the talent, and that’s what intrigues me.

What’s the most stressful part for you? I like all of the contestants. And that makes it more difficult to me. I think the most difficult part of this whole process was elimination.

 Anything we should watch out for this season? Well, there’s a Charlie’s Angels hair challenge. You have to see that one.

I have to ask: How many gallons of shampoo do you go through each year? Oh, God. Numbers are not my think. I have a husband who is incredible with numbers. I know I use a lot of shampoo. But I don’t wash my hair every day, and I think it’s important for people to not wash their hair every day because it’s important that they let the natural oils come in.

And you conserve water too. Yes, that -- and it’s good for your hair.

You mention Jaclyn Smith Home. What are you most excited about with that … because you launched that a couple of years ago, correct? That’s right. And I relaunched it with my own showroom. I brought all the licensees together under Jaclyn Smith Home a month or two ago. I have upholstery, rugs, and fine art reproductions. I have an exclusive line of fabrics. My goal was to be a silent interior designer and bring all the pieces together for the consumer -- do the legwork and they can make it their own so that they don’t have to run to a million different places.

Where do you get all the energy? Being a businesswoman is hard work, isn’t it? Well, I’ve always been energetic. My kids are 22 and 26 now. And this brings balance. I mean, still, family is number one. But we’ve been in K-Mart over 20 years now and we accomplished what we set out to do, which was to get fashionable clothes out there at affordable prices. All of that has been fulfilling and also a way to give back. There are a lot of ways to do things that are important. Rather than be a “lady that lunches,” I like to keep myself challenged.

I have some Charlie’s Angels questions. Are you tired of being asked about the show? Oh, no. It’s gratifying to think we still have an impact so many years later. I think part of my being on TV now is from that appearance on the Emmys a few years ago, when Kate, Farrah and I were reunited for that tribute to Aaron Spelling. A lot of good things have come from Charlie’s Angels, and I have nothing but fond memories. 


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