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PHOTOS: The LGBT Characters of True Blood

PHOTOS: The LGBT Characters of True Blood

Throughout its run, True Blood, whose last season premieres Sunday, has seen at least a dozen LGBT characters, which contributed to its win of a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Drama Series in 2011. Through the drama of both human and supernatural characters, the show has been able to tell LGBT stories in a “fresh new way,” says Max Gouttebroze, GLAAD’s entertainment media strategist.

"True Blood's fantastic, allegorical premise allowed it to tell stories about prejudice and acceptance in a fresh new way," Gouttebroze says. "Yet over its seven seasons the series also went the extra mile by including many gay, lesbian, and bisexual characters who were just as diverse, dangerous, and memorable as Bon Temps' other residents."

Take a look back at some of the Bon Temps residents who have made True Blood an exemplar of LGBT representation in the media.

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Sophie-Anne Leclerq (Evan Rachel Wood) was the vampire queen of Louisiana, who appeared on the second, third, and fourth seasons of True Blood. She regularly took both male and female lovers, including Hadley Hale, the cousin of Sookie Stackhouse.


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