'The Fiscal Cliff' as Explained By Mr. Burns

'The Fiscal Cliff' as Explained By Mr. Burns

Even in the world of The Simpsons, the fiscal cliff is looking ominous.

A video message from Mr. Montogmery Burns opens on the depressed and defeated looking tycoon slumped in a wingback chair, with a copy of a book titled "Nate Silver Can't Add" cast onto the floor.

"Any word from Karl Rove?" Burns asks his gay assistant.

"Sir, despite what he's been telling you, it's over. Romney lost."

"Damn it."

And so Burns explains to us the consequences Americans now face if we cross over the "fiscal cliff." In a more serious take, a group of gay and lesbian millionaires including financial adviser Suze Orman warned in a letter to congressional leaders this week that the effects would specifically hurt the LGBT community.

Watch Burns' take below.

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