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North Carolina: The Place for Antigay Tourists, Says Funny or Die

north carolina

North Carolina is known for its beautiful beaches and mountains, but now it can attract tourists with its "incredible ignorance" and the opportunity to go "hang gliding backwards in time," says a satirical tourism ad posted by Funny or Die.

The video is a response to the bill North Carolina lawmakers passed Wednesday that repeals LGBT-inclusive antidiscrimination protections throughout the state, and specifically targets transgender people, barring them from using the public facilities that correspond with their gender.

The commercial encourages visitors to experience the "incredible ignorance" of North Carolina by "hang gliding backwards in time" and "racing to the wrong side of history in a kayak."

The video also notes that you can bring your children to North Carolina, where they will learn "how to judge others while frolicking in the waves" and will be "enjoying waterfalls ... without fear of gay people falling on you."

"We're resisting social progress, rather than helping people in need," says the video as it ends. "North Carolina stands for nobody cares," reads the logo at the end of the video.

Watch the full video below.

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