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Supreme Court Won't Hear Case of Brandon Teena's Killer

Supreme Court Won't Hear Case of Brandon Teena's Killer

The Supreme Court denied the appeal of John Lotter, who sits on Nebraska's death row for killing Brandon Teena, a transgender man, in a grisly 1993 triple murder depicted in the film Boys Don't Cry.

Lotter was convicted along with Marvin Nissen of raping and murdering Teena. They also killed two witnesses to Teena's murder — Lisa Lambert and Phillip DeVine. Nissen testified in court against Lotter, saying that Lotter actually killed the three. Nissen received life in prison, while Lotter faced the executioner. Then in 2007, Nissen recanted his testimony, saying he actually murdered the three victims. Lotter has tried to appeal his conviction ever since, but courts have said they are both responsible for the murders, regardless of who pulled the trigger.

Read more here (ed. note: the Associated Press refers to Teena as a lesbian, and calls him Teena Brandon).

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