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Tenn. Pastor Accused of Gay Tryst Now Charged With Lifting From Church

Tenn. Pastor Accused of Gay Tryst Now Charged With Lifting From Church

It's been a rough year for Kingsport, Tenn., pastor Boyd Holder, who was accused of engaging in sexual activity with a man while in a church van, also accused of assaulting a congregant, and just indicted last week on charges of stealing over $60,000 from the church he led.

Holder, who bonded out of jail, denies laundering money from the Victory Apostolic Church even though several members of the congregation said a big chunk of funds went missing; Holder managed the money at Victory Apostolic before the arrest. Holder may have used some of the money for profiles on two dating sites, according to Tennessee's WJHL

At least one of the sites was for men seeking men, according to reports. This news follows an incident where Holder was accused of using a church van to have sex with a young man. Of course, Holder, who's married to a woman, says that was all a big misunderstanding.

"I simply took the van out," Holder told WJHL. "A young man requested that I would meet with him, which I did to talk about the faith. Just as soon as we had parked this police officer came up behind us and acted like all of this was going on."

A complaint was also filed against Holder for aggressively removing a congregant from his church.

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