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Machete-Wielding Man Sought by D.C. Police for Possible Hate Crime


Police in Washington, D.C., are investigating a possible antigay hate crime after two men were chased with a machete in the NoMa neighborhood, according to reports.

The victims say they swore at each other while walking outside, but the suspect believed they were speaking to him. The suspect then brandished a machete and chased the men into an apartment building's lobby while making stabbing motions. The men managed to escape with their lives, but it's not clear if they were injured.

The incident is being investigated as assault with a dangerous weapon and a possible antigay hate crime. Police are offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the suspect's arrest.

The FBI released information Wednesday that showed an increase last year in the percentage of hate crimes targeting people for their sexual orientation or gender identity, noting that nearly one in five hate crime victims were attacked because they're LGBTQ.

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