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Two Men Killed at Packed HIV Fundraiser in Puerto Vallarta Gay Bar

Paco's Ranch

Two people were killed outside of a Puerto Vallarta gay bar.

Vallarta Daily reports that a dispute between two people inside Paco’s Ranch escalated into a physical altercation that spilled outside of the Romantic Zone establishment. One left, returned with a gun, and shot two men.

The incident was reported Tuesday at 4:30 a.m.

The killer has not yet been identified or located. The victims were described as two men who appeared to be in their 30s.

Paco’s Ranch, a popular gay locale in the tourist destination, had been hosting an HIV fundraiser without following COVID-19 guidelines at the time of the crime, reports Vallarta Daily.

Local press slammed the event for the lack of precautions at a health fundraiser where those with preexisting conditions may have been present. Video from the event showed a packed crowd, drag performances, and almost no mask-wearing.

Tribuna de la Bahía reports that this is not an uncommon sight in the Romantic Zone, the city's gayborhood, and that enforced regulations could also have prevented the deadly confrontation at Paco's Ranch.

The pandemic situation is particularly precarious in Puerto Vallarta, which has emerged as a hot spot for the novel coronavirus. Cases have spiked in the past week by 25 percent in the Mexican resort town, and local hospitals are tending to a surge of patients.

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