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This Transgender Harvard Law Instructor’s Front-Row Seat to Domestic Terrorism

This Transgender Harvard Law Instructor’s Front-Row Seat to Domestic Terrorism

Alejandra Caraballo

Alejandra Caraballo has been copied on dozens of email bomb threats made across the country.

A prominent and award-winning Boston-based transgender activist and lawyer has been unnerved by several bomb threats around the country. Harvard educator Alejandra Caraballo has become a front-row witness to the hoax despite not being directly involved. That's because the would-be bomber has copied her on the threats.

Since February, Caraballo has received at least 35 emails that detail bomb threats, according toThe Daily Beast.

These threats have terrorized schools and companies targeted by the emailer.

In recent weeks, Caraballo was copied on emails that threatened an Oklahoma librarian after the online hate account Libs of TikTok, run by Chaya Raichik, targeted the school district by name. As a result of the librarian’s mocking of “liberal woke ideology” in a video, Raichik shone a light on the educator to her 2.5 million followers. Throughout the Tulsa area, schools were paralyzed by bomb threats on six consecutive days.

In an email received by Caraballo on August 22, the librarian, Kirby Mackenzie, was directly threatened.

“The innonence [sic] of children is sacred, that is a fact that has been known for the entirety of human history,” the bomb threat stated, the Beast reports. “I’m not going to stand by as you bastards continue to indoctrinate and prey upon our children.”

Several Tulsa offices were targeted with an additional email on August 24. Someone emailed on August 28 claiming they had hidden “homemade pipebombs and pressure cooker bombs” at schools and libraries. “We will not stop bombing your city until the right thign [sic] is done,” the individual stated.

On August 29, Caraballo received two more similar emails, writing, “We are fed up with the incompetence of Union Public schools, and we are here to send a fucking message. You will evacuate the the [sic] school so nobody dies.”

Despite notifying the FBI of the emails, Caraballo says she's disheartened that no action has been taken yet. She's curious why no headway has been made to stop the threats.

“I don’t know how seriously they’re taking this,” Caraballo explained tothe Beast. “It’s absolutely terrorism; that’s exactly what this is. Even though they’re not going through with it, people can be traumatized.”

As an expert in gender and technology, she follows anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and extremism on X, formerly Twitter. A thread she posted last December linked Libs of TikTok to bomb threats against Boston Children’s Hospital. The hate account had spread misinformation about the institution’s gender-affirming care.

Because of that, Caraballo believes the bombing hoax perpetrator continues to copy her.

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