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One Day in Big Gaylarious America

Bill Cruzx633 0

12 a.m. Chicago — “Celebrating the Denver Bronco win late into the night by singing Heart's "Crazy on You" karaoke style. (Yes, those are pom-poms.)” – Bill Cruz

Matthew Nourielx633 0

1:49 a.m. Los Angeles — “It’s Manscaping Monday! A Persian gay's work is never done.” — Matthew Nouriel

Teddy And Mikeyx633 0

2:20 a.m. Los Angeles — Comics Teddy Margas (left) and Mikey Scott working hard striking the stage after the Mikey & Teddy Comedy Hour.

Adam Snakx633 0

10:05 a.m. New York City — Adam Sank undergoes an EKG in preparation for his upcoming deviated septum surgery.

Mimi Gonzalezx633 0

10:35 a.m. “Lesbian checklist #2037: Waiting on an ex for coffee. About to transform another former date into a friendship.” — Mimi Gonzalez


10:37 a.m. Los Angeles — “Just for fun — 'cause you know I make so much money doing theater and comedy — I shoot castings for photo campaigns.  I've been in the biz for more years than I care to count and I've seen most of the models I photograph grow from childhood to sluthood.” — Diana Yanez


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