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Iowa Ad: Cruz Doesn't Hate Marriage Equality Enough

Iowa Ad: Cruz Doesn't Hate Marriage Equality Enough


With the first primaries weeks away, a new commercial accuses Ted Cruz of being soft on same-sex marriage.

Very few think of GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz as pro-gay (well, maybe the owners of the Out NYC hotel), but a new TV spot claims he's not fighting marriage equality with enough vigor.

"Two Teds" (see below) accuses the Texas senator, one of the staunchest conservatives in the 2016 race, as being a phony; raising money from "liberals who don't share our conservative Iowa values," which is a veiled reference to LGBT folk. When asked by an unnamed person in the ad whether fighting marriage equality is a top three priority, the clip broadcasts Cruz's "No" response, while editing out his follow-up.

Cruz apparently then talked of fighting ISIS and the growth of government, adding, "No, I would say defending the Constitution is a top priority," according to the Washington Post, which points out his deft plan for dismantling marriage equality. "And that cuts across the whole spectrum -- whether it's defending the First Amendment, defending religious liberty, stopping courts from making public policy issues that are left to the people. And I also think the 10th Amendment to the Constitution cuts across a lot of issues."

The advertisement was paid by a Political Action Committee called "Pursuing America's Greatness," which supports hard-line candidate/Kim Davis pal Mike Huckabee.

Cruz though, is no friend of marriage equality (he was named The Advocate's "Phobie of the Year" for 2014). He supports changing the Constitution to make Supreme Court justices subject to elections, so those who "overstep their bounds" can be drummed from the bench (something he likely would hope happens to Justice Anthony Kennedy, who has decided numerous pro-gay rulings). Cruz has also been happily endorsed by the antigay National Organization for Marriage, which sole mission is to end same-sex marriage rights.

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