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Biden Campaign Names LGBTQ+ Vote Director

Reggie Greer

Reggie Greer, who has worked for the LGBTQ Victory Institute and the Obama administration, has joined Joe Biden’s presidential campaign as LGBTQ+ vote director, in charge of reaching out to and mobilizing voters from the community, the campaign announced this morning.

“It’s an honor of a lifetime to join this campaign as LGBTQ+ Vote Director and serve America on behalf of Vice President Biden,” Greer said in a statement. “As a young, black appointee in the Obama-Biden administration, I had the opportunity to see and learn firsthand from Vice President Biden’s dedication to LGBTQ+ advocacy, his willingness to ensure LGBTQ+ voices were at important decision-making tables, and his lifelong commitment to elevating the most marginalized across various communities.

“America desperately needs those qualities in our president again. A president who is compassionate, can govern effectively, be a calming presence in times of crisis, and who can bring us together. I believe that person is Vice President Biden, and I am beyond humbled to serve the LGBTQ+ community in this capacity.”

Greer was previously director of constituent engagement at Victory Institute, an arm of Victory Fund that trains current and future LGBTQ candidates and campaign workers, works to place openly LGBTQ appointees in pro-equality presidential administrations through its Presidential Appointments Initiative, and holds the annual International LGBTQ Leaders Conference for elected and appointed officials.

He served as a liaison between Victory Institute and the nation’s network of LGBTQ elected and appointed officials. He was responsible for planning and executing the LGBTQ Elected Officials Summit at the conference as well as the Leadership Summit program, four regional, day-long trainings for LGBTQ leaders in low and negative equality states. He also ran the Presidential Appointments Initiative.

Before joining Victory Institute, Greer was deputy director of public engagement at the U.S. Department of Transportation, working with Secretary Anthony Foxx during President Obama’s administration. In 2016 he was appointed to Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser’s LGBTQ Advisory Committee.

“We are so honored and excited to have Reggie join our campaign,” said a statement issued by Erin Wilson, national political director for Biden for President. “Reggie understands the consequence of this moment in history and the impact this election will have on the lives of LGBTQ+ in America and around the world for generations to come. His invaluable expertise and deep relationships in the community are going to be an invaluable asset as we work to build on Vice President Biden’s unmatched record of progress for LGBTQ+ people, fight to maintain the House, win back the Senate, and defeat Donald Trump this November.”

“Over the past three and a half years, LGBTQ+ Americans have watched with horror as the Trump administration has weaponized government against us, dismantled years of pro-LGBTQ+ policies, and targeted the most marginalized among us,” Greer continued in his statement. “It’s time to turn the page. In a Biden presidency, the Equality Act will be signed into law, transgender servicemembers will be reinstated, LGBTQ+ Dreamers and asylum seekers will be heard, and the federal government will once again fight to protect LGBTQ+ youth from housing instability and discrimination.

“Given our nation’s rich diversity, the next governing coalition in America must be comprised of people from different races, ages, sexual orientations, cultures, ethnicities, gender identities, ideologies, abilities, faiths, and non-faiths to ensure the most fair, equitable, and forward-thinking policies are enacted into law. Americans are coming together to form that governing coalition and are choosing Vice President Biden to lead the next fight.

“In these uncertain times, but with a lot of hope in our collective future, I am excited to join the Biden team and work to ensure even more voices are heard.”

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