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Montana Should Be Proud of This Queer Nonbinary Activist

Zuri Moreno

Zuri Moreno is making the world a better place for queer, nonbinary, and two-spirited people in their home state. 

Zuri Moreno is a 32-year-old queer, nonbinary, multiracial Latinx person of color who lives in western Montana.

As one of eight ballot committee members managing the Free and Fair Montana campaign, Moreno led the fight that successfully blocked the state's anti-trans bathroom measure from making it to the ballot. Partnering with filmmakers to produce a series of shorts featuring members of the trans and nonbinary communities, they utilized storytelling as a key component of their campaign.

Moreno is also active in the American Civil Liberties Union of Montana, where they work to create more inclusive policies and spaces for the trans, nonbinary, and two-spirit communities. In part because of their actions, Montana has become more inclusive and diverse in recent years. This is particularly true in the more urban areas.

Together, the ACLU and Moreno are working to make gender-affirming resources and places available to those in need and in the more rural areas of the state. While a handful of municipalities have passed nondiscrimination ordinances, progress at the state level is still an area in need of progress due to a variety of reasons including transphobia and a lack of political will.

"I have gratitude and awe for the resiliency and courage of all the individuals who I have lived with in the community and work with on these projects," they say. "To all the tnb2 individuals, whether stealth of visible, your voice and actions are part of the energy moving us forward."

To all the individuals living in brown and black bodies, your thriving existence is an everyday act of defiance tearing down systems of oppression."they continued. "My strength and ability to be visible, to be vocal, comes from all of you."

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