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Keeping Up With The Joneses' Transgender Matriarch

Keeping Up With The Joneses' Transgender Matriarch

Watch an exclusive clip from the new documentary about a reunited Mississippi family. 

You may have an image that comes to mind when you think of The Joneses, but this documentary will change that. Moby Longinotto's feature documentary debut introduces viewers to Jheri Jones, the 74-year-old matriarch of a Bible Belt family. After years of estrangement, she now lives with two of her four sons in their Mississippi trailer park home and aims to share her true self with her children and grandchildren.

This exclusive clip offers a moment of Jheri showing some salsa steps in the kitchen before reminiscing about how hard it is to find "a good, solid relationship" both before and after transitioning.

The Joneses is now available for streaming.

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