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Watch "The Skinny," History's Most Meaningful Film About Pride

Watch The Skinny, History's Most Meaningful Film About Pride

Watch 'The Skinny,' History's Most Meaningful Film About Pride

Celebrate Black History Month and relive Pride Week with Patrik-Ian Polk's 2012 film The Skinny.

When five young black Ivy League-educated gay men celebrate Pride Week and themselves, it makes for a groundbreaking piece of cinema. That being said, there's no wonder that The Skinny, which follows recent Brown University graduates marching on Fifth Avenue during New York City Pride, was named one of Out's 25 Essential Queer Films in 2017.

The Skinny carved its name in film history and paved the way for other movies to examine black queer masculinity, most notably Moonlight, which won the Best Picture Oscar last year.The film also launched the career of Jussie Smollett, who continues to represent black gay men by portryaing Jamal Lyon on Fox's Empire. Now, thanks to Here TV, you can watch the mesmerizing film above or by downloading the Here TV app.

Check out the video below to discover why The Skinny is such a potent representation of Pride.

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