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After a mob of hundreds attacked a transgender couple, thousands marched to support them

A crowd of over 200 harassed and threw bottles at a nonbinary couple in Greece’s second-largest city Saturday night, sparking outrage from local artists and activists.

Greek politicians lose their minds over Alexander the Great's gay romance in Netflix show

If Greek parliament members are upset to learn Alexander the Great had same-sex relations, we have some bad news for them about Greek history.

Greece to legalize same-sex marriage after opposition agrees to support it

Greece is slated to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption, but surrogacy will remain restricted.

Meet the Gay Man Elected to Lead Greece's Leftist Party in Historic First

Stefanos Kasselakis, who is married to an American, now sets his sight on becoming the country’s first gay prime minister.

Tracking 2022's LGBTQ+ Gains and Losses Across the Globe

From Japan to Argentina, this year saw uneven movement for equality.

Meet the Real Hot Gay Men of Athens
Out Traveler

Mykonos Nights: Omar Sharif Jr. on the Gay Getaway's Sexual Allure

The activist and grandson of the Hollywood legend details his first gay sexual experience in his new memoir, A Tale of Two Omars. Read an exclusive excerpt here.

Queer Greco Romance by Helias Doulis

Inspired by male physique magazines of the 1950s, which showcased masculinity in the revival light of Ancient Greece, Helias Doulis celebrates Athens Pride 2021.

Greek Art, Public and Private, by Yannis Tsarouchis

Widely regarded as one of the greatest Greek painters of the 20th century, Yannis Tsarouchis finally gets a major U.S. exhibition.

5 Short Photo Stories, the Greek Way

Photographer and filmmaker Helias Doulis tells stories both of city life and beautiful (male) landscapes in Greece.

14 Photos Put You at the Heart of Thessaloniki Pride

Thessaloniki Pride is going on right now until June 22. Here are a range of historic photos from this beautiful Greek port city on the Thermaic Gulf of the Aegean Sea.

6 Amazing Reasons to Go Greek

The guys at Greeks Come True make a tasteful yearly calendar about these mythologically attractive young men. And now there is the Making Of... video.

8 Big Reasons to Get the Greeks Come True Calendar

Photographer Vangelis Kyris knows why gay men have long been drawn to the Greek Isles.

Athens Cops Charged in Fatal Attack on Gay Activist

Four police officers are charged with causing "fatal bodily harm" to Zak Kostopoulos.

Greek LGBTQ Rights Activist Dies in Mob Attack

Video footage shows Zak Kostopoulos being beaten and kicked by several men.

How to Do Mykonos, the Gay Jet Set's Favorite Hot Spot

Mykonos is a queer sensation all summer, but at the end of August, about 30,000 more gay men arrive to party.

30 Photos of Modern-Day Greek Gods by Andreas Constantinou

The 11.000 years of history in Cyprus — the birthplace of the photographer — have deeply influenced his work.

41 Photos of Sex, Chaos and Mayhem by George Kanis

Some people play near the edge. Others, like George Kanis, play right on the edge, blood and all.  

Do You Like It Greek-Style? (Photos)

The answer would be a firm "Ναί!" These Greeks bear gifts.