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Clip From "With A Kiss I Die" Lesbian Vampire Movie
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Watch: New Film Imagines Shakespeare's Juliet as Bisexual Vampire

In With a Kiss I Die, Juliet Capulet lives ti find love again, with a woman.

With a Kiss I Die, a new film directed by Ronnie Khalil, infuses new blood into a Shakespearean classic by imagining what would happen if Juliet Capulet was plucked from death and turned into a vampire.

Eight hundred years after the death of her beloved Romeo, Juliet, played by the luminous Ella Kweku, meets a young woman who captures her heart again: Farryn, played by newcomer Paige Emerson. These lovers are star-crossed too, because the bloodthirsty patriarch of Juliet's new vampire family disapproves of the pairing. Juliet must once again choose between love and family obligations, terrified that repeating her past mistakes will lead to even more tragedy. The two female leads are supported by a cast of top Greek actors from stage and screen, including George Kopsidas and Iaonnis Papazisis.

With a Kiss I Die releases August 28. Preorder the film on iTunes.

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