New York groups get funds for crystal meth campaign

The New York City health department has awarded three $100,000 grants to groups working to stop crystal methamphetamine use by gay men in the city, Gay City News reports. Crystal use has been linked with unprotected sex and sex with multiple partners. Both sexual practices boost the chances for HIV infection, researchers say. The health department awarded the grants to Gay Men's Health Crisis; the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center; and the Crystal Meth Working Group to fund their joint anticrystal efforts through the end of the year. The anticrystal campaign currently includes ads in subways, on phone kiosks, and in gay publications as well as a large-scale effort to provide educational materials to attendees of the city's gay pride parade on June 27. The $300,000 in grants came from federal HIV prevention funds unspent by the city in fiscal 2003. The health department is seeking additional HIV prevention funds to finance the anticrystal effort in 2005.

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