agencies frustrated by delays in receiving HIV test results

organizations in Cleveland say they are frustrated by delays
in getting HIV antibody test results back, with
clients waiting days or even weeks to receive their
results, The [Cleveland] Plain
reports. Although rapid HIV tests are
available, which produce results in about 20 minutes,
the tests cost about $12 each, which makes them too
expensive for many cash-strapped AIDS groups,
organization officials say. Traditional HIV antibody
tests cost about half that much, but results are
typically not available for at least several days, and
sometimes up to two weeks. With funding for HIV
prevention and testing programs throughout the state
dwindling, Ohio’s AIDS groups are forced to rely on
the cheaper tests, which they say is hurting their efforts
to identify the estimated one third of HIV-positive
people who are unaware they carry the virus. AIDS
experts across the country say as many as one third of
people who take traditional HIV antibody tests never return
for their results. (

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