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Right-Wing Website Blasts GLAAD Guide to Covering Pope Francis

Right-Wing Website Blasts GLAAD Guide to Covering Pope Francis


TheDaily Caller calls GLAAD's guide 'oppressive' in advising journalists covering the papal visit how to avoid missteps in reporting on the church's relations with LGBT Catholics.

The headline atop theThe Daily Caller's attempt to demonize a major LGBT rights organization -- just weeks ahead of a visit by the head of the Roman Catholic Church -- totally captures the conservative website's viewpoint: "GLAAD Oppresses Journos With Rules on Covering LGBT Catholics."

Nowhere in the guidebook is there what reporter Betsy Rothstein called "rules" for journalists.

Rothstein, who writes the website's media/gossip blog, boasts on her Twitter profile that she covers "D.C. journalists in a way that inevitably upsets someone."

GLAAD, however, has apparently upset the Daily Caller with its guide to reporting on Pope Francis, who visits the United States next month.

Rothstein objects to what she refers to as "GLAAD's agenda" in suggesting potential stories to cover, such as LGBT allies in the church hierarchy, the church's relationship with transgender Catholics, and LGBT Catholics who are excluded because of their identity.

In addition to suggesting stories, the guide, according to GLAAD, "contains a timeline outlining some of the Pope's most prominent actions and statements about the LGBT community as well as best practices, pitfalls, and terms to avoid when discussing LGBT Catholics."

Rothstein called those troublesome words "allegedly offensive terms:"

"Some examples: 1. Avoid the word 'homosexual' since it is 'aggressively used by anti-gay extremists to show that they are somehow diseased.' Preferred: gay, lesbian and bisexual. 2. Avoid the phrase 'gay lifestyle.' It is offensive to say 'gay lifestyle' or 'homosexual life.' They explain, 'the phrase 'gay lifestyle' is used to denigrate lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals, which suggests that their orientation is a choice and therefore can and should be 'cured.'' Preferred: 'Gay lives.' 3. Avoid the phrase 'special rights.' Preferred: 'Equal rights. Equal protection.'"

When contacted by The Advocate, a spokesman for GLAAD declined to comment on the Daily Caller article. But in a news release, GLAAD says, "While this guide mentions some anti-LGBT statements, it also includes LGBT-supportive Catholics and LGBT Catholic organizations in an effort to reflect and encourage growing support among Catholics. The guide also contains story ideas focusing on both LGBT acceptance and opposition among Catholics."

You can download the guide to read it for yourself by clicking here.

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