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I'M FINE Season 3 Web Series

Gay Series I'm Fine Perfectly Captures Millennial Dating Experience

Gay Series 'I'm Fine' Perfectly Captures Millennial Dating Experience

This sexy, talented POC ensemble is in its third season of evoking laughter and tears.

As I'm Fine, a web series about the queer millennial dating experience, has gone on, the characters have grown with it. We follow the main character, Nate, and his band of friends as they splinter off into their own journeys as other friendships develop. This is the third and final season of the show, which explores identity, monogamy, shame, and the gay generational relationship divide.

In a piece for The Advocate, actor-producer Lee Doud talked about his gay Asian experience and the difficulties that he's faced. He and series creator Brandon Kirby want to show these experiences on-screen for others to relate to.

"Even for those who aren't Asian, my hope is that there is still recognition of similar experiences in some of these stories," Doud said.

Check out an exclusive clip of I'm Fine below. Season 3 will be available to watch July 25 on

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