<i>Sister My Sister</i>, <i>Pigalle</i> available on DVD May 11 (12388)

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Sister My Sister, Pigalle available on DVD May 11

On May 11, Koch Lorber Films will release the adapted stage play Sister My Sister and the edgy noir Pigalle on DVD and VHS. Set in a provincial town in 1930s France, Sister My Sister traces the true story of two maidservant sisters (Jodhi May, Joely Richardon) who work together under the authoritative eye of Madame Danzard (Julie Walters). At first, the sisters' industrious work ethic pleases Danzard, as she becomes the envy of her bourgeois circle. But when the oppressive atmosphere forces the sisters into each other's arms and away from their rigid schedule, Madame Danzard takes action to destroy their intimate relationship. Originated from the stage play My Sister in This House, Sister is directed by Nancy Meckler. For more information visit www.TLAVideo.com.

The half-fictional, half-documentary Pigalle exposes a seedy district of Paris and its underworld of drugs, prostitution, and murder. To narrate the story, first-time director Karim Dridi employed both professional and nonprofessional actors for his eccentric cast of dealers, pimps, prostitutes, transvestites, drag queens, and criminals. Dridi, previously known for short films, immersed himself for nine weeks in the pockets and corners of this underground society to learn its language and culture for his screenplay. For more information visit www.TLAVideo.com.


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