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Hooking up,
finding love

Hooking up,
finding love


In a world where being gay has challenges all its own, finding love can be a difficult task. In this special report we asked readers to tell us where they met-or hoped to meet-that special someone. Was it just about sex? Or was there something more from the start?

Mark Davis Age: 41 Residence: West Hollywood, Calif. Occupation: Editor-writer Identifies as: Gay Relationship status: Dating four months

It was 13 years ago. I was dating this guy who wanted me to meet his best friend and his best friend's partner, Eduardo. The minute I laid eyes on Eduardo, I got very shy and nervous. He was one of the most handsome men I'd ever seen in my life. Boyfriends and partners came and went, and Eduardo and I never seemed to be single at the same time, but it finally did happen earlier this year. I bumped into him at a Silver Lake dive bar near where he lived. That was the first time the two of us hooked up. It was a memorable night. I've had two very-long-term relationships. I understand how difficult they can be. I know it takes a lot of work, and, well, once in my life I'd like to do it right. I'm not sure where this is going, but I'm loving every minute of it for right now.

Brenda Vazquez Age: 23 Residence: Dorado, Puerto Rico Occupation: Human biology major at University of Puerto Rico Identifies as: Lesbian Relationship status: Partnered 61/2 years

When I met my partner, Ana Maria, I lived with my parents. I was only 16 and about to start my senior year in high school. She was 12 years older. We met in a mall where we were both working. At that time I didn't even think of myself as a lesbian. But from the moment she asked me if I was, I started questioning myself, and after three months of friendship we became a couple. We kept our relationship a secret for about a year until my family started questioning my friendship with her. After a confrontation with my parents, I had to leave home and go live with her. I do believe that the first time you meet someone there is a special bond that makes a relationship possible. The first time I met Ana it was like I had known her for a long time--we just clicked. We were two strangers who could relate to each other.

Paul Bashline Age: 39 Residence: Oklahoma City Occupation: Interior designer and full-time med student Identifies as: Gay Relationship status: Partnered 19 years

I was on active duty in the Air Force, and being in a long-term relationship would have been difficult at best. So I was usually only into one-night stands. I had a group of Air Force friends I hung out with at a local gay park. We usually met every day after work or every weekend to hang out and drink beer. Hey, it was the late '80s--what can I say? One particular afternoon I noticed a new car drive through with a very hot-looking guy. After a few weeks of him driving through the park, I decided to try to stand in his way so that he would be forced to stop, but he just drove around me. Then while walking out of a local gay club with some friends, I saw the guy walking toward me. We talked, and I found out his name was Eddie. Later in the week he finally stopped in the park, and we talked for a while. Years later he was deployed to Desert Storm and needed someone to take care of his dog, so I just moved into his apartment without him knowing. When he came home he found we were living together, and we still are to this day.

Wendy Thompson Age: 33 Residence: Loveland, Colo. Occupation: Accountant Identifies as: Gay Relationship status: Partnered 12 years

My partner, Vicki, and I met at an event called Festival in the Park. We were both working for the weekend for mutual friends who owned and operated a doughnut-cotton candy-snow cone stand for these types of vendor events. I was 21, and she was 29. We spent two days flirting and laughing while making cotton candy together. I met her two small kids on the second day, and the rest is history. We were definitely attracted to each other right away, and we still have that passion. So, a park--a great place to pick up a great woman.

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