Chasten Buttigieg Would Be the Best 'First Lady' of Twitter


As adoration for openly gay presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg continues to grow, what no one is talking about is that the real star on the presidential ticket could be Buttigieg's husband: Chasten. 

The self-described "First Gent of South Bend," drama teacher, and Harry Potter superfan has many of his own talents, one shines brighter than them all: his Twitter  account. 

While his husband may get lightly knocked for his mainstream, soccer dad demeanor, Chasten is quite the opposite with his unapologetically gay and funny online presence that is seeing rapid growth in followers everyday. 

And as his self-proclaimed "underdog" husband continues to capture the hearts of many Americans, we decided to round up a few of our favorite tweets from the man who may become the first male-identified 'First Lady' ever. 

First up, children love him. 

Chasten is a deft Twitter presence, coming off as funny and likable.

Best of all, Chasten is a proud cheerleader for his husband and his political aspirations. 

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