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Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik Spews Anti-LGBTQ+ Bile in Fox Interview

Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik Spews Anti-LGBTQ+ Bile in Fox Interview

Chaya Raichik and Tucker Carlson on Tucker Carlson Today
Screengrabs via Tucker Carlson Today/Fox Nation

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Chaya Raichik called the LGBTQ+ community a "cult" of "evil people" who are "recruiting."

The woman behind the far-right, anti-LGBTQ+ social media account Libs of TikTok finally showed her face in an interview with Tucker Carlson that premiered Tuesday.

During the hour-long interview, Chaya Raichik said LGBTQ+ people and the people who support them are grooming children -- that is, preparing them for sexual abuse.

Appearing Tuesday on Tucker Carlson Today on the Fox Nation subscription streaming service, Raichik sat down with Carlson, one of her biggest supporters, and spewed anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry and conspiracies.

At the start of the show, Carlson lamented how the public ought to be cautious in its consumption of news and information because of bias in reporting while simultaneously declaring Libs of TikTok a legitimate news source (it's not).

Carlson played a 58-second clip of videos shared by Libs of TikTok, mostly of teachers with colorful hairstyles discussing personal pronouns and non-gendered concepts in classrooms.

"That's information that you should definitely have but have never had until Libs of TikTok bothered to put it in one place and show you, and for doing that, the person who runs Libs of TikTok has been the focus of a lot of hate and many threats. So many that the person has remained anonymous until today," Carlson said as he introduced Raichik.

Libs of TikTok has been targeting the LGBTQ+ community online for months, which advocates say has led to Raichik's followers disrupting drag events and issuing bomb threats against children's hospitals.

Carlson admitted that he and Raichik had been friends since the summer, having dinner and regularly interacting.

Raichik explained that as her account grew, she realized that "the hatred that the left has and their violent nature" necessitated that she remain anonymous. "I have remained anonymous until now," she said before claiming that she had been doxxed when her name was made public by Washington Postreporter Taylor Lorenz, who used publicly available information to reveal the owner of the highly-visible and viral anti-LGBTQ+ hate account.

She explained that she was choosing to come forward now because "I feel like, over the past few months, I've done so much. I've helped educate people. I know that I've helped create legislation to tackle some of these issues. I think I've done all I can, and I'm ready for the next step."

Raichik admitted that she had too much time and was looking for entertainment like millions of others and stumbled upon TikTok.

"In large part, there was a lot of adults bragging about sexualizing children," Carlson prompted Riachik.

"Yes, a lot," she replied. "Specifically teachers...parents, activists, doctors. That is the most scary part about it, and that is what my account focuses on a lot now."

Raichik spoke about "the swamp" and "the media" and people wanting new sources of information. "I never become famous. I never wanted any of that," Raichik said. "It just started, you know, for fun. And I kept changing the path of my account based on what I felt was important."

She continued, "I am an outsider, and I came in, and there's a little bit of this mysteriousness because nobody knew who I was."

In her conversation with Carlson, Raichik continually perpetuated false myths about gender-affirming care and teachers "grooming" students.

Raichik listed untrue conspiracy theories of "doctors mutilating kids," "anti-white racism," and "LGBT activists indoctrinating kids" as the content she highlights. She said, "We've gotten about a dozen teachers fired...who are grooming kids."

Raichik also told Carlson, "We've gotten a handful of drag shows canceled. I know that DeSantis's team told me that the content that I found helped with the ["don't say gay"] bill -- helped inspire that. And I heard from other legislators stuff along those lines as well."

At least 141 drag events have been protested against or threatened, according to research by GLAAD.

"I think there's something so unique about the LGBTQ community has become this cult," Raichik said. "It pulls people in so strongly, unlike anything we've ever seen. They brainwash people to join, and they convince them of all of these things. And it's really hard to get out of it."

"There are a lot of parents who let their kids [express their gender identity]. And there are a lot of parents who are grooming their kids into doing this," Raichik said. "There are a lot of parents who are told that either you have a dead kid or you have a trans kid, so it's really coming from higher up than just the parents."

She claimed that a secret LGBTQ+ conspiracy of high-level indoctrinators composed of doctors and social workers was responsible for the increase in gender-affirming care access to children.

Carlson acknowledged that having one's child want to kill themselves is "a parent's worst nightmare," and the far-right Fox pundit said he would do anything to prevent that for his kids, but in the same breath, he joined Raichik in invalidating studies that show that young people who do not receive gender-affirming care have higher incidences of suicidal ideation.

"The doctors and social workers -- there's a lot of pressure to do this as quickly as possible," Raichik said.

"They're just evil," Raichik said, referring to the LGBTQ+ community. "They're bad people. They're just evil people, and they want to groom kids. They're recruiting."

The reaction to the interview was strong.

"Chaya Raichik went on Tucker Carlson and said the 'LGBTQ community has become this cult... It's extremely poisonous.' She later says, 'They're just evil people, and they're out to groom kids. They're recruiting." This is one of the most bigoted interviews I've ever heard,' wrote Harvard Law School Cyberlaw Clinic instructor Alejandra Caraballo.

"This interview with the creator of Libs Of TikTok is sick. @TuckerCarlson nods along as she says that LGBTQ people are all 'evil pedophiles' recruiting to a 'cult.' [Fox News] bankrolls it. Amplifies it. Then calls you a liar when violence ensues," wrote Brandon Wolf, press secretary for Equality Florida and survivor of the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

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