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5 N.Y. Schools Evacuated After Bomb Threats Over LGBTQ+ Books

5 N.Y. Schools Evacuated After Bomb Threats Over LGBTQ+ Books

Hilton Schools

The person threatening the schools was upset about “groomers,” which is a far-right wing slur to attack LGBTQ+ people who work with children.

All schools in a New York district were evacuated Wednesday after receiving a bomb threat. The threat was emailed to members of the media.

A person threatened the Hilton Central School District, north of Rochester, leading to chaos at the district’s five schools, though after a thorough police sweep, no explosives were found, and all children were safe, a captain with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said.

Local NBC affiliate WHEC reported that deputies responded after they learned that an email had been sent to local media outlets stating that pipe bombs had been placed in all Hilton schools, the district office, and the superintendent’s house.

An email with the bomb threat was also sent to the NBC station.

Deputies continued investigating the threat by keeping students outside the schools in buses or lines while agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives assisted in investigating the incident. In the aftermath of the evacuation, deputies used dogs to search for explosives at the school.

Parents were notified that classes had been canceled for Wednesday, and they were asked to retrieve their children from school.

The message, replete with spelling and grammatical errors, read as follows:

There is nothing more vile and disgusting than violating a child’s innonence and that is exactly what this school system has done. They allow and encourage children to read sexual content such as the book “this book is gay”, a book which contains graphic sexual content and encourages children to use hook up apps. This book is not even designed for teenagers but kids. You are disgusting degenerates that belong on cross. We will ensure all of you degenerates are killed which is why we placed a bobm in those people’s houses, they are responsible for the grooming of our children. It has been known for all of human history that the innonence of children is sacred. Anyone who violates that has forfeit their right to life, we will end you and purify our land of you degenerates and make our country great, we will stop you from causing the collapse of our civilization one step at a time.Evacuate the school and the houses nearby those addresses. No innonecent people will die today. Each location has 1-3 pipebombs.”

Families of students at all five districts evacuated schools received a message Wednesday afternoon outlining details of the day’s events.

School officials thanked the community for its cooperation and the patience exhibited by parents during the reunification process.

“The high school, and all other district schools, were thoroughly searched and deemed safe,” a statement from school officials read. “We will have school as usual tomorrow. Although it has been deemed to not be a credible threat, with an abundance of caution, we will have law enforcement presence, particularly at arrival and dismissal, for the remainder of the week.”

Republicans and far-right activists, like Chaya Raichik of the Twitter hate account Libs of TikTok, have targeted schools, teachers, and other institutions nationwide with harassment by casting teachers, librarians, and other educators as “groomers” trying to indoctrinate children into “woke liberal agenda.”

Raichik was able to get an Iowa school to remove the bookThis Book is Gay earlier this week after she bullied the Sioux City Community School District into removing the book from its school library without following the district’s established procedures for reconsidering books.

Superintendent Dr. Casey Kosiorek said that events such as that day should not and cannot happen.

“Some people could have gotten hurt, especially children and staff that are innocent, and they come to school every day, and all they want to do is learn, and now they’ve been disrupted,” Kosiorek said to reporters during a press conference.

“Their social-emotional health has been put into place now where parents are having conversations with their children tonight about what does it mean when someone is going to bomb a school? It’s absolutely irresponsible, and it should not be tolerated,” he added.

Hilton Superintendent on bomb

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