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Woman Tears Down Antigay Sign, Humiliates Right-Wing Mob in Epic Video

Woman Tears Down Sign, Humiliates Right-Wing Protestors in Epic Video

The protestors learned who wears the pants on this Orlando street corner.

A woman in Florida stood up to right-wing protestors by tearing down a "PEDO World" sign they had placed outside the entrance to the Disney World Resort. The entire incident, including an impromptu anatomy lesson provided by the woman, was captured on video which has since gone viral with over 900,000 views and counting.

The video showed protestors outside the Disney World Resort sign in Orlando, Fla., holding signs that opposed the company's opposition to the state's "Don't Say Gay" law that regulates the discussion of sex and gender identity in public schools and eliminates it entirely from kindergarten through third grade. Prominent in the protest was a large sign that read "PEDO World" that had been strung above the resort sign.

In a clip, an unidentified woman walked through the protestors and tore down the sign. The move caused an instant uproar among the noisy protestors.

"Oh, sh*t!" exclaimed one protestor who first noticed the woman tearing down the sign, calling her a "triggered loser."

Protestors started hurling anti-LGBTQ+ slurs at the woman but did not try to physically stop her as she continued with her efforts.

"Is that a man or a woman?" someone yelled.

"You support pedophilia!" one man drew out loudly.

"Do you got a d*ck?" one person shouted as the woman completed tearing down the sign and turned to return to her car. "She's got a d*ck!"

"Yeah, it's bigger than yours, b*tch," she snaps back without missing a beat. "Bigger than yours."

The protestors follow behind as she returns to her car idling at the light, including a man clad in biker attire, but she was able to leave without further incident.

The protestors had been upset with Disney's opposition to the "Don't Say Gay" law. The company and its CEO Bob Chapek had originally refused to come out publicly against the bill, but changed course and vowed to help repeal the controversial law. State Republicans responded by threatening to amend the Reddy Creek Improvement Act of 1967 which granted Disney the authority to govern itself on land it owns and operates in the state.

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