Meek on Crist: No Friend to Gays

Meek on Crist: No Friend to Gays

Amid reports that Florida governor and U.S. Senate candidate Charlie
Crist is about to come out in support of gay rights legislation, his
Democratic opponent, Kendrick Meek, has said Crist is no friend to gays and

Crist, running as an independent for the Senate seat, intends to announce his support for a repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, according to an article on the website Raw Story. Kendrick responded to that report and said Crist is flip-flopping on gay issues and will say anything to get elected.

The Meek campaign is circulating a flier from 2006 in which Crist, running for reelection as governor, blasts his Democratic opponent for supporting gay rights, all while asserting Crist does not support them.

Meek supports civil unions, cosponsored the House's repeal of DADT, and was against Amendment 2, which constitutionally banned same-sex marriage in Florida.

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