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The Situation Loves His Gay Following

The Situation Loves His Gay Following

The Situation, the abs-flashing breakout star of MTV's reality series Jersey Shore, has had a big gay following for years and is thrilled about it, reports Michael Musto on his Village Voice blog. The Situation, whose real name is Mike Sorrentino, is the subject of an article in the National Enquirer for which Musto was interviewed, and it's revealed that "One gay kid followed Mike around like a puppy dog ... Mike used to get teased about it, but he didn't care. He stuck up for the kid."

Sorrentino and other male members of the Jersey Shore cast were recently photographed for the cover of The Village Voice but were unaware it was the weekly paper's annual "Queer" issue. Musto writes that Sorrentino was thrilled when he learned the secret.

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