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U.N. Advocates Killing of Gays?

U.N. Advocates Killing of Gays?


Last week the United Nations adopted an amendment striking sexual minorities from a resolution protecting the right to life for a number of minority groups historically subject to execution.

With 79 votes in favor of the amendment and 70 votes against, Human Rights Foundation president Thor Halvorssen (pictured) writes on The Huffington Post that the UN is sending the message that it's all right to kills gays and lesbians.

He writes,"The UN has a remarkable track record of doing virtually nothing when presented with mass killings or genocide. "Never again!" was the cry after the holocaust. Since then, the world has witnessed a dozen more never agains with strong condemnation from the UN coming after the corpses pile up. A resolution of the sort that was voted on in the General Assembly is significant for its clarity of message: "It's okay to kill the gays."

Read the full article here.

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