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Church to Protest Univision for “Obscene” Ricky Martin Interview 

Church to Protest Univision for “Obscene” Ricky Martin Interview 

A conservative Hispanic ministry in Miami plans to rally outside the local Univision affiliate on Saturday to protest the network’s airing of an interview with Ricky Martin in which he discusses his first sexual encounter with a man.

In an English translation of the call to action, the Oscar Aguero Ministry slams Univision for presenting Martin as a role model to “the children who watched the program at the child friendly hour of 7 to 8 pm.”

In the special, Ricky Martin ... Without Secrets, the singer discusses his earliest sexual encounters and the first time he fell in love with a man. Martin is also shown interacting with his twin sons.

Reads the translation: “Univision's complicity in transmitting this message deserves, on our side, our complaints before the FCC — the entity that regulates media in the Unites States — which says that any pornographic, indecent or obscene content can be reported as a complaint.”

The church also says Martin has long promoted the “homosexual agenda” at concerts by urging people to live “la vida loca.”

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