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Minority Persecuting Majority?

Minority Persecuting Majority?


Gay people seeking equal marriage rights are "a very small minority" asking the majority of Americans to change their ways, conservative actor-director Stephen Baldwin says in new online video interview.

"For society, and a majority of our society, to be asked by a very small minority to change its ways -- and everybody can interpret that for themselves; that can be constitutional, that can be by law, that can be by faith -- the homosexual community wants to go and start its own churches and get married, they're free to do that," Baldwin tells Lee Hawkins in the interview, posted on The Wall Street Journal's website. "And I don't see that being unreasonable to say, why should people who believe this in a big way that's been around for a long time turn around and alter what they feel is their sensibility just because those folks feel like, 'We're not being treated equal.'"

He does not address the lack of rights caused by the lack of legal recognition of same-sex unions, but he suggests he may lose out on some Hollywood job offers because of his stance.

Stephen is the youngest of the four acting Baldwin brothers, the others being Alec, Daniel, and William. Stephen's conservative Christian views make him stand out from the rest of the family, especially Alec, an outspoken liberal and marriage equality advocate.

Watch the interview here. The discussion of same-sex marriage begins at about the 6:40 mark.

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