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Meet the Point Foundation’s Class of 2010

Meet the Point Foundation’s Class of 2010

Like a scout for scholars, the Point Foundation searches out the best and brightest LGBT students. The Los Angeles-based organization grants tens of thousands of dollars in tuition to dozens of collegians each year, some cut off financially from their families because of their sexual orientation. Following a six-month search, the Point Foundation recently announced its 25 scholars of 2010. The diverse group includes a former janitor, a young man who underwent an exorcism at his mother's hands, and a woman, previously fired for being gay, now entering her third year of law school. Meet the future:


Kay Adam
- from Minneapolis
- pursuing a BS in economics at Augsburg College
- Wells Fargo Point Scholarship recipient

Adam is a Minnesota transplant, having emigrated from Kenya as a Somali refugee in 2004. In the short time that he has been in the United States, he has been involved in social justice issues. After being hired at 16 as a janitor for an LGBT youth center, Adam went on to lead efforts to find stable housing for his peers. In addition to his community organizing for homeless youth initiatives, he is a leader at his school’s gay-straight alliance.

Adam attends Augsburg College in Minneapolis. He is studying quantitative economics with minors in mathematics and communication studies. He is an active amateur photographer, and two of his photos ended up being postcards promoting the Minnesota Runaway and Homeless Youth Act, on which he worked. Adam hopes to go to graduate school to study either statistics or economics, and he plans to use quantitative tools to help inform policy making at the federal and state level.

Adam is interested in extending the privileges afforded to him to others who haven’t been fortunate enough to obtain higher education. Adam speaks three languages and also hopes to use his international experiences in policy-making efforts. Currently, he is interested in issues surrounding health policy, security policy, and international economic development. His thesis on health policy has been accepted for an oral presentation at a national undergraduate research conference. Adam is a McNair Scholar, Martin Olav Sabo Scholar, a Soul Essence Community Leadership Award winner, a North Star Stem Scholar, and a Pfund Scholar, honors that recognize both his academic achievements and his volunteerism. Currently in his junior year, he is preparing himself for entry into a Ph.D. program.


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