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Bill O'Reilly Says White Privilege Doesn't Apply To Him Irish Roots

Bill O'Reilly: White Privilege Doesn't Apply to My Family

Bill O'Reilly: White Privilege Doesn't Apply to My Family

Because his Irish ancestors lost their land, the disgraced Fox News pundit thinks they didn't have privilege. 

Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly tweeted from Ireland to say that he is exempt from white privilege because his ancestors left Ireland during the nation's famine.

O'Reilly posted a photo of himself beside a road sign, with a caption that reads, "Enjoying my time in Ireland. Visited County Cavan where my ancestors were evicted from their land in 1845. That forced them to come to America legally so they wouldn't starve. Pardon me if I reject the 'white privilege' scenario if applied to my family," continued O'Reilly.

But Irish people on social media are rejecting the idea that the severity of the famine and the fact that the Irish were often poor and discriminated against in the U.S., means their descendants can't possibly have "white privilege."

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