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8 Chihuahua-Themed Travel Gifts Inspired by the Stowaway Mutt

8 Chihuahua-Themed Travel Gifts Inspired by the Stowaway Mutt


Be the envy of the airport.

TSA agents at New York's LaGuardia airport recently found a woman's pet Chihuahua in her suitcase after it triggered a luggage screening alert. The little guy had crawled into its owners suitcase unbeknownst to her, and she was quite surprised to see it there. Her husband came and picked up the tan and beige pup and took it home. This brave little dog inspired us to scour the web for the best travel gifts for the Chihuahua lover in your life.

Chihuahua1_0Chihuahua Fleece Throw Blanket: Whether you're traveling by train, plane or car, a blanket always comes in handy. This particular blanket, with its giant chihuahua face, will undoubtedly make you (and any passersby) smile every time you take it out.

Chihuahua2_0Chihuahua Tote Bag: Obviously, a tote bag is paramount to travel, and obviously, the best tote bags have enormous dog faces on them. This one even has realistic Chihuahua ears! You'd be crazy not to carry this around.

Chihuahua3_0Chihuahua Umbrella: Speaking from experience, an umbrella is an often-forgotten and always-needed travel item. Gift your traveler friend with a Chihuahua umbrella that will keep them dry and look cute as hell.

Chihuahua Microfiber Cleaning Cloth -- Microfiber cleaning cloths always come in handy while traveling, to de-smudge glasses and laptops. Obviously, this is the best cleaning cloth money can buy.

Chihuahua4_0Chihuahua Pendant: This little guy is great for a necklace or charm bracelet, to bring good luck to weary travelers.

Chihuahua5_0Chihuahua Print Scarf: Perfect for anyone who gets cold on planes.

Chihuahua6_0Chihuahua Socks: Science tells us that no one brings enough socks when they travel. Fix this problem with a pair (or several) of Chihuahua socks.

Chihuahua7_0Chihuahua "Big Face" T-Shirt: While not specifically travel-related, no list of Chihuahua gifts would be complete without a Chihuahua t-shirt from The Mountain, home of the fame "big face" t-shirts. The Mountain has these hilariously weird shirts in tons of different dog breeds, plus some non-dog species for any cat, pig, or panther lovers in your life.

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