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Minnesota Senator Blames Pride for Mankind’s Impending Fiery Apocalypse

Minnesota Senator Blames Pride for Mankind’s Impending Fiery Apocalypse

<p>Minnesota Senator Blames Pride for Mankind’s Impending Fiery Apocalypse</p>

It’s not the first time State Sen. Eric Lucero courted controversy.

A Republican state senator from Minnesota says the world is coming to a fiery end, and it’s all because of global warming and Pride. Or something.

State Sen. Eric Lucero made the bizarre claim in a post to Twitter on Monday. The one-term senator representing the 30B district in east-central Minnesota wrote that the world will be destroyed by fire as divine retribution for Pride month.

“Our Creator hates PRIDE and each of us as the creation will be held to account for our choices, eventually,” Lucero posted. “The 7-color natural rainbow is a reminder of His promise to never again enact worldwide judgment by WATER. The next worldwide judgment will be by FIRE.”

The Twitterverse quickly responded to Lucero.

“Hell hath no fury like the angel of mercy when presented with a bigot who masquerades as a Christian,” wrote one user.

“God is not capable of hatred,” wrote another. “God is love and commanded us to love each other, for we are all children of God made in His image. You are a blasphemer.”

A third poster noted the irony of Lucero using global warming to blame the LGBTQ+ community.

“So you're committed to passing strong legislation fighting climate change, right?” responded one observant viewer. “That's what I'm getting from this.”

Another exasperated commenter simply noted, “Your playbook is so predictable and it’s getting old.”

This is not the first time Lucero has courted controversy. He successfully fought against continuing the seven-day emergency extension to count absentee ballots instituted during the global lockdown and addressed the crowd in the nation’s capital on January 6, 2021.

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