2005 top 10:

2005 top 10:

The Commitment

Should Dan Savage and his partner marry? What
will their son think? In hilarious first-person,
Savage took on the far right to answer those

Little Chapel on the River

Lesbian columnist and New Yorker Gwendolyn Bounds falls
under the spell of a tiny upstate town and of the
tavern that formed its social hub.

Breakfast With Tiffany

Edwin John Wintle, a 40-year-old gay man, adjusts to
life with his teen niece in this memoir. The
disorientation of parenthood, condensed.

The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson

Robert Hofler’s thorough, gossipy biography of
superagent Henry Willson empties Hollywood closets as
never before.

On the Ice

Lesbian adventurer Gretchen Legler heads to Antarctica
to nurse a broken heart. Guess where she finds her
soul mate! Truly romantic and lyrically written.

Freedom in This Village

Gay African-American writers illuminate their lives.
Edited by superstar E. Lynn Harris, who’s
determined to do good things with his success.

My One-Night Stand With Cancer

Young lesbian playwright Tania Katan’s hugely
readable, fiercely funny—sexy,
even—memoir of her bouts with breast cancer.

The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln

The late C.A. Tripp’s controversial,
well-­researched tome convincingly argues that
Abe preferred the company of men.

When I Knew

Who says coffee-table books can’t be savvy and
political as well as fun? Robert Trachtenberg’s
collection of 80-plus queer friends’ childhood
moments has it all.

The Rivals

Newsday columnist Johnette Howard’s
page-turning tale of how Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert
lifted one another to tennis immortality.

In a category all
its own

And Tango Makes Three

Should be required reading after family trips to
March of the Penguins: a kids’
picture book about two penguin dads and their little

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