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WATCH: Franklin Graham's LGBT-Friendly Biz Boycott Backfires, and Rachel Maddow Loves It

WATCH: Franklin Graham's LGBT-Friendly Biz Boycott Backfires, and Rachel Maddow Loves It


Rachel Maddow is glad to report that evangelist Franklin Graham traded one gay-friendly bank for an even gay-friendlier one.

If we learned anything about Rachel Maddow from her MSNBC show, it's that she's a big fan of instant karma.

As The Advocate reported, Christian evangelist Franklin Graham was so upset with banking titan Wells Fargo on account of its commercial featuring a lesbian couple adopting a deaf child, he announced a plan to boycott the popular bank and switch to another one.

But as Maddow was happy to report, his plan backfired in the best -- and gayest -- way possible.

As it turns out, the new bank that Graham switched his financial accounts to -- North Carolina-based BB&T -- is actually a platinum sponsor of the annual Miami Beach Gay Pride festival and parade, one of the country's biggest pro-LGBT celebrations.

"I love this story so much I want to take it to Franklin Graham's new bank and marry it ... if it's a lady," Maddow said on her show.

Graham is defending his decision to switch banks and his call for a boycott. Click here for that report.

According to Maddow's report, BB&T is also the chief sponsor of the "Legacy Couples" program, which "is a fundraiser that celebrates same-sex couples in committed relationships for 10 years or longer" and that the Miami branch of the bank even built a special chapel to let a gay couple get married there.

"Franklin Graham threw a Facebook hissy fit and moved his accounts because of a commercial showing two women adopting a deaf little girl, but it turns out his new bank is so much gayer than his old bank," said Maddow. "The universe has a way of making these things work out!"

Watch the clip from The Rachel Maddow Show below.

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