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Uganda, Considering a Devastating Antigay Bill, Has Tony Perkins's Support

Uganda, Considering a Devastating Antigay Bill, Has Tony Perkins's Support

The head of the antigay Family Research Council tweeted his support of Uganda, which is weighing an extremely harsh antigay bill that could put gays behind bars and possibly sentences some to death.

"American liberals are upset that Ugandan Pres is leading his nation in repentance — afraid of a modern example of a nation prospered by God," the FRC's Tony Perkins tweeted on Monday.

The Human Rights Campaign condemned Perkins's tweet, with spokesman Fred Sainz saying in a statement, "Tony Perkins can't claim that FRC isn't a hate group, while at the same time support a bill that many believe would bring the death penalty to gay Ugandans."

Leaders of the African nation continue to push the legislation, which includes life sentences for certain gay people. While some officials say an earlier provision in the bill that called for the death sentence has been dropped, there is no evidence to verify that, according to the HRC.

After a gunman tried to get into the FRC headquarters in Washington earlier this year and a security guard was shot, Perkins took his case to the media and claimed his group is well within the mainstream. He cast blame for the attack on the Southern Poverty Law Center, which classifies the FRC as a "hate group" because of its consistent history of misleading the public about LGBT people.

Activists were quick to point out that FRC had gone so far as to lobby Congress in 2010 on a resolution condemning the "kill the gays" bill, though FRC has said it wasn't attempting to block the resolution.

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