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WATCH: Students Silence Antigay Preacher With Song of Love

WATCH: Students Silence Antigay Preacher With Song of Love

When a street preacher tried to peddle his antigay messages at James Madison University, students gathered to sing a song about God's love to drown out the hate. 

USA Today reports that the unidentified preacher launched into his sermon about supposedly sinful LGBT people and homosexual acts outside JMU's Carrier Library Tuesday afternoon. The preacher reportedly spoke for close to an hour at the school in Harrisonburg, Va., collecting an audience of around 150 students — some of whom verbally confronted the man. 

Eventually, the students adopted a different approach and began singing a song to drown out the preacher's message. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, a growing group of students began singing "How He Loves," a song by Christian musician David Crowder.

The preacher continued trying to engage students at the public, secular school, but as the video shows, the song's message of love wins out. At the end of the song, the guitarist shouts "Jesus loves you all!"

YouTube user Diego Jauregui captured the encounter, which you can watch below, as well as other interactions the preacher had with students on campus. 

At press time, the video had more than 450,000 views on YouTube. Watch it for yourself:


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