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About Tim Scott’s Dating Life: The GOP’s Obsession Over His Sexual Orientation

About Tim Scott’s Dating Life: The GOP’s Obsession Over His Sexual Orientation

Sen. Tim Scott

Why do Republicans appear to be obsessed with why the South Carolina senator hasn’t been seen with a romantic partner.

As Republican candidates look for their party’s 2024 presidential nomination, attention gets paid to many elements of a candidate’s life. South Carolina U.S. Sen. Tim Scott is now experiencing some scrutiny as questions around his relationship status have begun swirling in GOP circles.

Of the 100 U.S. senators, Scott is the only Black Republican.

Scott has been trying to break through and grab headlines in recent months as lesser-known candidates like Vivek Ramaswamy have upped their name recognition. Now, he’s getting some attention, but not for the reasons he may have wanted.

Is Tim Scott Gay?

Republicans have questioned the 57-year-old’s personal life, specifically his lack of public romantic relationships.

The Washington Postreports that political operatives who work for other presidential hopefuls have pitched stories about Scott’s lack of a partner, hoping to spread dirt about the lawmaker.

On Saturday, the senator appeared on Fox News and claimed that the attention he’s getting for not disclosing any relationships since taking office is because he’s doing well in the polls.

“What is your status?” Brian Kilmeade asked Scott.

“At this point, I’m taken,” Scott answered. “I have a wonderful girlfriend, and we have a wonderful relationship. The good news is God has blessed me with a smart Christian woman.”

He continued, “But more importantly is, why are the headlines there? The headlines are there because, as I rise in the polls, as people show up at my town halls, it scares even my opponents. Everybody wants to find a way to win this race. I’m going to focus on having an optimistic, positive message and staying focused on the American people, who say they like me a lot.”

Why Are Republicans Questioning Tim Scott's Sexuality?

Author, producer, and political commentator Keith Boykin, who is gay, explained in a video posted on X, formerly Twitter, what he said was actually going on and why Republicans were focusing on Scott’s relationship status.

“Tim Scott thinks Republicans are spreading rumors about his personal life because he’s rising in the polls. But the truth is actually more brutal,” he wrote along with a video of himself addressing the lawmaker.

“Tim, you’re polling at one percent in the latest survey. You’re not a threat to any other candidate. Let’s be real,” Boykin said. “The reason why top Republican donors are pushing you for details about your bachelor status is because they think you might be gay. They know a gay man can’t win the Republican presidential nomination, and they want you to prove that you’re not. It’s just that simple. Nobody is threatened by you, Tim.”

He continued, “They are smearing you! It’s the Republican Party. It’s what they do. Anybody who is not straight, white, Christian, male, and married with children — the more wives, the better — is not one of them.”

He said that no amount of trying will result in an inclusive GOP.

“You’re part of a party that has introduced more than 500 anti-LGBTQ bills this year. A party that is fighting Mickey Mouse over a ‘don’t say gay’ bill and the party that is punishing parents who dare to help their trans children. It’s a party that’s banning drag queens even as one of its most famous members is a former drag queen,” he said, referencing embattled out New York Republican Rep. George Santos, who reportedly performed drag as Kitara Rivache previously.

“Do you really think they’re going to be sensitive about your bachelor status?” Boykin asked.

Scott insisted to Kilmeade during his appearance that the public would get a chance to meet his girlfriend “at some point.”

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